Pécs Studios is now open for hire. We still have a lot of work to do, but the demand has been high, so we decided to open our doors to clients. We are currently investing in more equipment, lights and a white and green cyclorama is also coming. The current setup consists of a 8m x 6m and 4m high white and green studio with plenty of space in front of it for equipment and crew. If you would like to build a set, the studio can be subdivided as well and hired long term. We are just outside of town, so you won't have a problem with recording audio either.


We have three studios available, Studio 1, which is currently made up of green and a white fabric backdrop. These will be upgraded to a hard cyclorama installation in the near future. Studio 2, which is currently being used two days a week to record a TV series, but can be repurposed to cater to your needs, and Studio 3 which is currently a TV News studio setup.


Permanent set build


We have a set list of equipment which comes with the hire of Studio 1 and an optional advanced list of lighting kits  which clients can select as per their needs. Please fill out our request form if you require pricing or give us a call.

Alongside of our studios we have camera kits available and a production office space, post production equipment and more space to build temporary or permanent sets. 

Our studio is normally open on weekdays from 9am until 5pm, please call +36 70 886 2020 if you would like to visit or need any information.


One of the advantages of being the largest supplier of lighting and audiovisual equipment in the region is that we are able to cater to small TV show studio sets as well. We have set builders, a full range of moving lights, live sound mix, line arrays and can arrange seating for an in studio audience as well.

Some of our kit includes:

- Robe Robin MMX Blade

- Robe Robin MMX Washbeam

- High End System HOG4 Fullboar

- DAS Line Array System



We also have post-production facilities with the latest Mac computers equipped with up to date Adobe Creative Suite software.


We are also able to arrange accommodation for cast and crew and take care of all the necessary tasks associated with each production.


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